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2019-2020 Top Ten

NASCA conducts a survey of State Chief Administrators to identify and prioritize the policy and administrative priorities facing state government operations. The top ten priorities are identified and used as input for all NASCAs programs, planning for conference sessions, research and...


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2019 Spring Conference Materials

NASCA’s Spring Conferenc e provides a venue for state leaders and corporate partners to share knowledge and best practices and build relationships to help state chief administrators in their work to transform state government. The 2019 Spring Conference will feature curriculum related to...

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2019 Transition Bootcamp Guidebook

On behalf of NASCA, we are pleased to present The New State Chief Administrators Guidebook in partnership with Sid Johnson, former Commissioner of the Department of Administrative Services for the State of Georgia and faculty at the Carl Vinson School Institute of Government at the...


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2019 Transition Bootcamp Handbook Additional Resources

Bootcamp Segment 1 “ The Art of Leading a State Government Agency ,” Paul Campbell, National Association of State Chief Administrators “ The First 90 Days in Government ,” Peter Daly, Michael Watkins, with Cate Reavis “ Understanding and Managing Public Organizations ,” Hal...

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A View from the Marketplace: What They Say About State IT Procurement

In 2016, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) launched an information technology (IT) procurement reform campaign because of the consistent negative outlooks on the current process from state and private sector members. Since then NASCIO has worked with the ...


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NASCA and NASPO Topical Roundtable: Procurement Leadership

To help state leaders address these questions and explore evolving state procurement for new agility and value creation, the National Association of State Chief Administrators (NASCA) and the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) convened State Chief Administrators and...


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2018 State Chief Administrators suvery in strategy, procurement, and digitization

The responsibilities of a State Chief Administrator (SCA) are numerous and varied –managing critical state functions, providing services and support to other agencies, navigating uncertain and challenging political environments, and competing with the private sector for talent. To meet these...

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NASCA Top Ten Priorities 2018-19

NASCA surveyed its state members and identified their top policy and administrative priorities to address in the coming program year, plus at the Annual Institute and Management and Leadership. #2018 #TopTen #NASCA #recruiting #Retention #Succession #Workforce #Culture ...


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NASPO/NASCA Working Together: Procurement as a Partner

October 2014 As close partners, the State Chief Administrator and procurement officials should work together to leverage the strategic value of the state’s procurement officials and assist in understanding the impact procurement decisions have on agency customers and taxpayers. #NASCA #NASPO ...