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Improving Sourcing Outcomes: The Three Cs of Vendor Management Success

Corporate Member Whitepaper : TwentyEighty Strategy Execution #Procurement #StrategyExecution #WhitePaper #2017

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Modular Contracting: Procuring the Agile Way

Corporate Member Webinar: TwentyEighty Strategy Execution #Procurement #Webinar #GSA #StrategyExecution

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Risky Business: Organizational Effectiveness at Managing Risk of Outsourced

Corporate Member Resource: TwentyEighty Strategy Execution Thought Leadership and Resources Explore the catalog of resources to transform the way you think about, lead, and execute project-based work

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How to Mitigate Multiple Supplier Agreement Risks

This webinar covers the following topics: Government supplier risks — terminology and concepts The need for suppliers – different types for different reasons Sources of risks in government vendor management Hard skills, like contract structure and risk management ...

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Strategies for State Chief Administrators

NASCA Webinar February 25, 2011 #NASCA #Webinar #2011 #Strategy