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2019 Spring Conference Materials

What Facilities Directors Want to Know on Day 1 (Download PDF Below) Job One: Research Findings and Recommendations (Download PDF Below) How to Achieve Real Diversity in State Contracting (Download PDF Below) Bootcamp Sessions The Chief Administrator Leadership Challenge in State Government (Download PDF Below) Managing Change in a Political Environment (Download PDF Below) Avoiding Political Pitfalls (Download PDF Below) Presenting Partner Sessions Civic Initiatives - Procurement as a Strategic Asset (Download PDF Below) McKinsey & Co. - Delivering the Mission: Transforming Real Estate ( State Members Only - Click Here ) Fast Talk Partner Sessions Accenture - Funding the Journey to the Cloud, How Can Government Pay the Bill?

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Focus Search - • Implemented 30 of 50 Recommendations Presenter Presentation Notes HOW Policies to Increase Opportunities Recommendations adopted, including: The Maryland Linked Deposit Program is a statewide initiative designed to stimulate opportunities for certified Minority Business Enterprises and Small Businesses by reducing the interest rate on loans they obtain from participating banks

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2019 Spring Conference Sponsor Educational Materials

Thank you to all of the NASCA Corporate partners who sponsored NASCA's 2019 Spring Conference. #civicinitiative #Accenture #amazonbusiness #deloitte #JonesLangLasalle #WorldWideTechnology #2019 #SpringConference

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Focus Search - What’s more, when using the OpEx approach, governments need to fund the initiative up front, with the expectation that benefits to stakeholders (and possible cost recovery) will be achieved over a longer time