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Cross-Sector Partnerships: A New Era of Public-Private Interdependence

Cross-sector partnerships can help the public sector unlock access to private sector innova-tion and funding. A collaborative approach between the public and private sectors means that contracting arrangements may be less constrained by pre-existing public sector knowledge and practice, and more...

Cross-Sector Partnerships - A New Era of Public-Private Interdependence (September 2017).pdf

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2017 NASCA Roundtable: A Managed Service Contract for Facilities Management

NASCA’s Roundtable on Facilities Management was held on May 3-4 in Nashville, Tennessee. The event provided networking and in-person learning to state members interested in managed service contracts for facilities management. Learning Objectives: Provide an in-depth review of...

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Roundtable Master Presentation

Watch the RouteFifty LiveStream Here #Roundtable #2017 #Tennessee #FacilitiesManagement #Presentation

FM Roundtable Master Presentation -- Final.pdf