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Cross-Sector Partnerships: A New Era of Public-Private Interdependence

Cross-sector partnerships can help the public sector unlock access to private sector innova-tion and funding. A collaborative approach between the public and private sectors means that contracting arrangements may be less constrained by pre-existing public sector knowledge and practice, and more...

Cross-Sector Partnerships - A New Era of Public-Private Interdependence (September 2017).pdf

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A View from the Marketplace: What They Say About State IT Procurement

In 2016, the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) launched an information technology (IT) procurement reform campaign because of the consistent negative outlooks on the current process from state and private sector members. Since then NASCIO has worked with the ...


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2018 State Expenditure Report: Fiscal Years 2016-2018

This annual report examines spending in the functional areas of state budgets: elementary and secondary education, higher education, public assistance, Medicaid, corrections, transportation, and all other. It also includes data on capital spending by program area, as well as information on...


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What It Takes To Be A Sucessful State Chief Administrator: Core Competencies for Effective Leadership

The National Association of State Chief Administrators (NASCA) continually works to provide valuable resources to state chief administrators (SCAs), the public officials in charge of departments that provide support services to other state agencies. While some research exists on the functional...


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2018 Invest in What Works State Standard of Excellence

The 2018 Invest in What Works State Standard of Excellence sets a national standard—a “north star”—for how state governments can consistently and effectively use data and evidence in budget, policy, and management decisions to achieve better outcomes for their residents. Results for...


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How States Engage in Evidence-Based Policymaking

Evidence-based policymaking is the systematic use of findings from program evaluations and outcome analyses (“evidence”) to guide government policy and funding decisions. By focusing limited resources on public services and programs that have been shown to produce positive results, governments...


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Fleet Management White paper

2012 Ten Steps Forward for the Missouri State Vehicle Fleet #2012 #WhitePaper #NASCA #Missouri


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Improving Sourcing Outcomes: The Three Cs of Vendor Management Success

Corporate Member Whitepaper : TwentyEighty Strategy Execution #Procurement #StrategyExecution #WhitePaper #2017

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Importance of Being Efficient

Importance of Being Efficient Whitepaper by Gwen Murtha This whitepaper explores the benefits of making government buildings energy efficient. #WhitePaper #GeneralServices #Energy #NASCA #FacilitiesManagement


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Considerations for Public-Private-Partnerships

#WhitePaper #Presentation #2016 #P3 #NASPO #Governing #NASFA #FacilitiesManagement