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The  Institute on Management and Leadership is a premier and engaging two-day executive education program led by the Leadership for a Networked World at Harvard University. This one of a kind event invites private sector partners to sit alongside state chief administrators to discuss challenges for 2016 and develop new tools for success in state government.

Growing Capacity: Cross-Boundary Collaboration: Dramatic changes in technology, economics, and the social environment, have altered citizen expectations and forced governments to grow efficiency and capacity. In response, forward-thinking leaders are coordinating and collaborating across agency and sector boundaries in new ways. As part of this evolution, a new type of Public Private Partnership is emerging. Governments and corporate entities have an opportunity to re-imagine their work together, redefine their roles, and navigate new processes to create authentic partnerships that are more than just transactional, one-way relationships. While these changes can help make government work better for citizens, grow capacity, and capitalize on new technologies and data, this shift necessitates accessing entrenched business models, driving structural transformations, and educating legislators and other key stakeholders. During the Institute participants will consider how to effectively organize these new types of partnerships, how to measure success, how to navigate the necessary changes to existing policies, systems, and structures, and implications for adopting new roles. 

October 4-7, 2016 in Olympia, Washington! 

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