2019 Institute on Management and Leadership - Materials and Presentations 

09-10-2019 09:46

The Institute on Management and Leadership is a premier and engaging two-day executive education program led by the Leadership for a Networked World at Harvard University. This event invites private sector partners to sit alongside state chief administrators to discuss challenges for 2019 and develop new tools for success in state government.

Theme: Driving Good Government

What will government outcomes look like in the future? How will public value be measured? What can state leaders do to build a vision for the future and the case for change? These pivotal questions are at the forefront for innovative government thinkers as they move to deliver on the promise of good government.  

To move forward, both new and current state chief administrators must translate vision into action and develop a strong portfolio of innovations. To meet citizen demands, they must prepare their organizations to quickly implement “uptake” reforms—proven programs that require robust leadership—and “edge” innovations—untested ideas with enormous potential.

Yet creating a vision for change and delivering the promise won’t necessarily be easy. Progress will require the ability to not only manage the day-to-day operations of government and deal with inevitable crisis, but also to lead initiatives that will create a foundation for better outcomes and public value. It will also be imperative to design breakthrough innovations, build new capabilities for the digital world, and develop agile teams and a working environment that supports trust, experimentation, and creativity

To help state chief administrators around the country respond to this call to action, Leadership for a Networked World and the National Association of State Chief Administrators are convening the 2019 NASCA Institute on Management and Leadership: Driving Good Government.  

At the 2019 Institute on Management and Leadership, participants will learn about and share best practices on leading sustainable innovation in government. In particular, the Institute will address this critical issue from multiple lenses:

  • Leadership: How can chief administrators set a vision for new value, align the political environment and stakeholders, and establish a portfolio of innovations?

  • Strategy: How do we measure public value and redesign structures, systems, processes, and operating models to drive that value?

  • Human Capital: How can chief administrators harmonize the capabilities of people and teams with the new roles and forms of work that drive progress?

  • Technology: How can the new digital world support the vision for value, and how can chief administrators smartly choose from the array of current and emerging technologies? 

Together, attendees of the Institute will explore strategies to manage the lifecycle of innovation, craft effective narratives to sustain transformations, and build the strategies to deliver results.  


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