Off to a Running State Capital Start: A Transition Guide for New Governors and Their Teams 

11-20-2018 14:35

If a spacecraft starts off in the wrong direction—even marginally—it’s unlikely to reach its planned destination. Similarly, if a transition isn’t handled with care and thought, and according to well-established principles, the new administration is unlikely to reach the results it desires.

With some 36 gubernatorial elections having just taken place, and many governors not running for reelection, this phenomenon is particularly timely and critical.

Of course, not all states are alike in terms of how they can best approach a transition. Just a few of the factors that differ between states are: the bal-ance of power between the governor and the legis-lature, the ability to take executive action, the capacity to call the legislature into session, the importance of boards and commissions, and veto powers. For example, while New Jersey’s governor has far-reaching powers, the opposite is true in Texas where a number of gubernatorial prerogatives are dispersed to other elected officials, boards, and commissions.

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